Kendi Aaron

What is your major? Conservation biology

Expected graduation: May 2023

What inspired your interest in the environment and/or community? Freshman year I took Environmental Studies 112: the Social Perspective because I had to fill a general ed requirement. When I was taking that class I would talk to my family and friends non-stop about what I was learning. I learned about communities fighting for the basic rights to clean water and food sovereignty. I learned how race of a community is the best indicator to determine where pollutants are dumped. I heard and read so many stories about people fighting for things they should not have to fight for.

That class set me on a completely different track than what I came into college with. I now want my life to be dedicated to helping my community and other marginalized communities to fight for their environmental rights. Since that first class, I have taken many more that have continued to open my world view to the fight and struggle of people around the world trying to protect their environment.