SAGE's mission is to ask important questions about environmental systems, and to use cutting-edge analyses to support policy and decision-making. SAGE investigates questions such as:

  • What energy strategies are most likely to combat climate change?
  • How do agricultural practices affect the global water supply?
  • Can urban growth be good for public health?

SAGE's policy-relevant, quantitative environmental research has a home in the Nelson Institute, where graduate and undergraduate instruction and training benefit from the breadth, depth and inter-disciplinary flavor of science at SAGE.

To learn about our research by topical theme, please see our pages on Agriculture, Air Quality, Climate, Energy, Public Health, Urban Environment, and Water. Each page gives an overview of the principal investigators, collaborators, on-going research projects and sponsors.

Completed studies are listed on our Publications page. Links to news media coverage of many studies can be found on our News pages (current and archived). To learn more about the work of individual researchers and their research groups, please see SAGE's People pages including those of Carol Barford, Holly Gibbs, Tracey Holloway, Chris Kucharik, Greg Nemet, Mutlu Ozdogan, Jonathan Patz, Annemarie Schneider, Jason Vargo and SAGE's graduate students and post-doctoral researchers.