H S Sathya Chandra Sagar

PhD Student, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

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I am a conservation scientist and a field biologist interested in understanding the ecological impacts of various human activities such as land-use change and hunting, whilst studying the effectiveness of conservation practices such as protected area and voluntary resettlement, to protect biodiversity in tropical forests. I am particularly interested in using a combination of traditional field-based methods, advances in technology such as soundscapes, economics and policy research, to tackle delicate issues and provide evidence for conservation advocacy. Previously, I was a research assistant at the Indian Institute of Science (India) and the University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute (UK). Prior to that, I completed my MSc in a consortium of universities, specialising in Applied Ecology and Conservation from the University of East Anglia (UK) through Erasmus Mundus fellowship. I grew up in the Western Ghats growing coffee beside a Tiger Reserve and have been involved in conservation advocacy through our NGO, WildCAT-C since high school. I am a keen (at times obsessive) birdwatcher, love my cups of coffee and always eager to saunter around listening to the chorus of the wild.