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October 08, 2018
As Global Temperatures Rise, So Will Mental Health Issues

Jonathan Patz comments on this study saying it is consistent with recent work by other scientists, including his own recent research on heat waves and hospital admissions in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, over a 17-year period, he said. Patz and his co-authors found that high temperatures impacted admissions for self-harm, including attempted suicide.

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August 31, 2018
New Paper Published in EcoHealth


"Climate Change and Heat-Related Excess Mortality in the Eastern USA" by SAGE scientists Vijay Limaye, Jason Vargo, Monica Harkey, Tracey Holloway, and Jonathan Patz was published in the journal EcoHealth.



August 03, 2018
Congratulations to SAGE's newest PhD, Dr. Michael Eggen!

Michael Eggen's thesis is entitled "Climate change impacts to agriculture in the Blue Nile Highlands of Ethiopia." His advisors are Profs. Matt Turner and Mutlu Ozdogan.

July 24, 2018
Gibbs Lab researcher Tyler Lark presented at a Congressional Briefing

Sponsored by the Safe Climate Caucus on the environmental impacts of the Renewable Fuels Standard

July 24, 2018
Holly Gibbs Receives $975,000 Grant

The Gibbs Lab just received $975,000 in funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation's Coalition for Forests and Agriculture to continue their work on zero-deforestation commitments in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado biomes over the next three years.

July 15, 2018
Gibbs Lab Awarded Data Science Initiative Grant

Holly Gibbs (PI), Lisa Rausch (co-PI), Matthew Christie, and Jacob Munger from the Gibbs Lab, along with co-PI AnHai Doan from the Department of Computer Science were awarded a UW Data Science Initiative grant to support their project “Using Data Science to Transform Global Supply Chains and Make Progress in Saving the Amazon Rainforest”

July 12, 2018
Tracey Holloway to be Interviewed on Science Friday

On Friday 7/13/18, at 12:15pm, Tracey will discuss the recent SAGE publication "Air-quality-related health impacts from climate change and from adaptation of cooling demand for buildings in the eastern United States: An interdisciplinary modeling study", by David W. Abel, Tracey Holloway, Monica Harkey, Paul Meier, Doug Ahl, Vijay S. Limaye, and Jonathan A. Patz. 

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July 05, 2018
Study Underscores Need for Clean Energy

In a special climate change issue of the journal Public Library of Science (PLOS) Medicine, a team of researchers from SAGE forecasts as many as a thousand additional deaths annually in the Eastern United States alone due to elevated levels of air pollution driven by the increased use of fossil fuels to cool the buildings where humans live and work.