THMB (Terrestrial Hydrology Model with Biogeochemistry) - formerly HYDRA

The Earth's freshwater systems, as sources of potable water, hydroelectric power and food, are of great importance to human society.

Our research is focused on the linkages between climate, land cover, and the behavior of whole watersheds – including lakes, wetlands, rivers and groundwater systems. In particular, we are interested in how land use and variations in climate can affect the availability and quality of fresh water resources. In order to help answer these questions, we are developing new computer modeling tools to examine the impact of human activities on freshwater supplies across the globe.

Recent efforts have been focused on the THMB (Terrestrial Hydrology Model with Biogeochemistry) model (formerly known as HYDRA), which simulates the flow of water through groundwater systems, rivers, lakes and wetlands. THMB is one of the few hydrological models that simulate the complete freshwater system.

We are currently working to understand the effects of management practices, artificial structures, and land use changes on the water cycle. We continue to improve the modeling tools, and test them against field data and satellite measurements.

THMB (HYDRA) is described in:

Coe, M.T. 2000: Modeling terrestrial hydrological systems at the continental scale: Testing the accuracy of an atmospheric GCM, Journal of Climate, 13, 686-704.

You may view the README file describing THMB (HYDRA), the NetCDF README file, or the HDF README file prior to downloading anything.

  1. Download the THMB (HYDRA) 1.2 Code (92KB)
  2. Download the HDF geomorphology input files (31.9MB)
  3. We also have the NetCDF geomorphology input files available (although the model will need to be modified to read these files). Download the NetCDF geomorphology input files (32MB)
  4. We provide climate input files to test the model over the Lake Chad region of northern Africa. The model is set-up to run with these input files. Download the climate input test files (10.4MB)