Crop Calendar Dataset: ArcINFO ASCII 5 min

These are gridded maps of planting dates, harvesting dates and related variables. The maps are provided as ArcINFO ASCII files, with a 5-minute spatial resolution.

The maps for each crop are provided as gzipped, tarred files; upon unzipping and untarring these, you will find a directory containing a *.asc file for each variable. The first 6 lines of each file contain header information describing the grid and the missing value flag. The 7th line contains the data, in row-major order. The political.level variable is stored as integer data; all other variables are stored as floating point data.

The unfilled maps contain data only for grid cells in regions where we actually have crop calendar observations. The filled maps contain spatially extrapolated crop calendar data (see the README file for more details and caveats about these extrapolated data).

Please read the README file file before using these data.

File size: The zipped files are ~ 1-8 MB for each crop; the unzipped files are ~ 700 MB for each crop.

The numbers in parentheses give the number of observations for each crop.

Unfilled (unextrapolated) Filled (extrapolated)
(154 MB zipped; 16 GB unzipped)
(46 MB zipped; 13 GB unzipped)
Barley (Winter) (53) Barley (Winter) (53)
Barley (Spring) (50) Barley (Spring) (50)
Cassava (17) Cassava (17)
Cotton (65) Cotton (65)
Groundnuts (40) Groundnuts (40)
Maize (main season) (165) Maize (main season) (165)
Maize (2nd season) (27) Maize (2nd season) (27)
Millet (73) Millet (73)
Oats (Winter) (15) Oats (Winter) (15)
Oats (Spring) (46) Oats (Spring) (46)
Potatoes (60) Potatoes (60)
Pulses (34) Pulses (34)
Rapeseed (Winter) (10) Rapeseed (Winter) (10)
Rice (main season) (146) Rice (main season) (146)
Rice (2nd season) (37) Rice (2nd season) (37)
Rye (Winter) (40) Rye (Winter) (40)
Sorghum (main season) (102) Sorghum (main season) (102)
Sorghum (2nd season) (13) Sorghum (2nd season) (13)
Soybeans (51) Soybeans (51)
Sugarbeets (29) Sugarbeets (29)
Sunflower (18) Sunflower (18)
Sweet Potatoes (21) Sweet Potatoes (21)
Wheat (Winter) (138) Wheat (Winter) (138)
Wheat (Spring) (35) Wheat (Spring) (35)
Yams (13) Yams (13)