DECEMBER 7, 2009
'Planet Walker' on the art of walking
He calls himself The Planet Walker, and rightly so. Nelson Institute graduate John Francis will be featured in a new one-hour Australian television documentary, The Art of Walking, about the Great Ocean Walk spanning the state of Victoria's southwest coast.

NOVEMBER 30, 2009
CHANGE noted, Patz quoted in Science Careers
The latest edition of Science Careers describes the Nelson Institute's Certificate on Humans and the Global Environment (CHANGE) graduate-level certificate program as "one of a few training programs focused on coupling environmental problems (including climate change) with human health and well-being."

NOVEMBER 19, 2009
'Generation E' report details student on-campus sustainability efforts
David Eagan, an outreach specialist for the Nelson Institute, is co-author of a new report by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) detailing how college and university students across the country are helping their institutions lower their carbon footprints.

NOVEMBER 19, 2009
Human dimensions of wildlife conservation
Conserving endangered species such as tigers and Asian elephants demands careful balancing of wildlife and human needs. To achieve this balance, wildlife conservation workers must understand sociopolitical and economic factors as well as ecological ones. This requires interdisciplinary training.

OCTOBER 1, 2009
Mitman to discuss nature films at University Roundtable
Nelson Institute interim director Gregg Mitman will give the first University Roundtable talk of the academic year on Wednesday, October 24.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2009
Reel nature revisited
The University of Washington Press has published a new edition of Nelson Institute interim director Gregg Mitman's book, Reel Nature: America's Romance with Wildlife on Film.

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