JUNE 22, 2011
Study details how heat waves drive hospital admissions
A new study by researchers at UW-Madison, Purdue University and the National Center for Climatic Research and appearing this week (June 22, 2011) in the journal Climatic Change, documents the medical conditions aggravated by hot weather, the age groups most affected, and forecasts an increase in hospital admissions in urban areas due to predicted climate change and accompanying weather extremes.

JUNE 20, 2011
From anger to stewardship: Changing hearts and minds about tiger conservation
Advocating for tigers from afar is easy, but it's another matter for people who live near these ferocious predators. For them, the loss of livestock and danger to family members are all too real. Stir in the temptation of a lucrative black market and you have a recipe for an enormous conservation challenge " one that Anya Lim has taken head-on. one that Anya Lim has taken head-on.

JUNE 2, 2011
Patz to lead campuswide global-health effort
The Nelson Institute's Jonathan Patz has been named director of a campuswide global health effort at the University of Wisconsin-Madison created by the merger of the university's Center for Global Health and the Global Health Initiative.

JUNE 1, 2011
Livestock risks from Wisconsin wolves localized, predictable
Even as Wisconsin's wolf population grows, intensifying the potential for conflicts with people, a Nelson Institute professor's research is revealing that one of the most visible types of conflict -- attacks on livestock -- is highly localized and may be predictable.

MAY 31, 2011
Iceland volcano sparks unique workshop on ecological restoration
How do restoration ecologists gathered for an international conference recover from a record-setting volcanic eruption? Joy Zedler, professor of botany at UW-Madison and an affiliate faculty member in the Nelson Institute, recently found out. Her plane was the last allowed to land in Reykjavik, Iceland, on Sunday, May 22, just hours after the Grimsvotn volcano spewed its cloud of ash across the southeastern part of the country.

MAY 31, 2011
Human impacts of rising oceans will extend well beyond coasts
Identifying the human impact of rising sea levels is far more complex than just looking at coastal cities on a map.

MAY 27, 2011
WRM project to investigate groundwater recycling
Sixteen students in the Nelson Institute's Water Resources Management graduate program believe Madison could benefit from a water recycling program—something they're exploring as part of a group research practicum this summer.

MAY 18, 2011
Alumna honored for social justice education work
A Nelson Institute alumna has received a 2011 UW-Madison Outstanding Women of Color in Education Award.

MAY 6, 2011
Planting knowledge about sustainable gardens
Culminating a semester-long effort, undergraduate environmental studies certificate students and members of the Nelson Institute Community Environmental Scholars Program distributed 1,000 free vegetable seedlings May 7 at the Dane County Farmers' Market "School on the Square" event.

MAY 2, 2011
Mitman to lead environmental history society
The American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) has chosen Nelson Institute interim director Gregg Mitman as its next president.

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