MARCH 8, 2011
Cathy Middlecamp: Matching science curriculum to a changing planet
Chemistry, biology, geology and other introductory college science classes need to improve their coverage of issues related to sustainability, says Catherine Middlecamp, a distinguished faculty associate in chemistry at UW-Madison, chair of the Integrated Liberal Studies Program, and an affiliate with the Nelson Institute.

FEBRUARY 24, 2011
Faculty trio named Leopold Leadership fellows
Three Nelson Institute professors are among only 20 academics from throughout North America chosen this year to participate in a prestigious environmental leadership and communications training program.

FEBRUARY 23, 2011
Students partner with business to launch iPhone app, highlight Wisconsin-made products
What if you could enter a grocery store, and with the tap of your finger, determine which products were made in your state? Thanks to three UW-Madison graduate students and their partnership with a local grocery store, you now can.

FEBRUARY 23, 2011
Using satellites to enhance air quality understanding
The first late winter thaws bring puddles, mud, and a promise of spring in the air. But there may also be something less wholesome in the air — very high levels of air pollution.

FEBRUARY 18, 2011
Humans and the clean energy debate: Lectures to address carbon emissions, solutions
In his 2011 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama called for a clean-energy standard, increased funding for clean-energy technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the ambitious goal of generating 80 percent of the country's electricity from clean-energy sources by 2035. Yet, those clean-energy technologies are still widely up for debate, and the path for reducing carbon emissions is by no means clear.

FEBRUARY 18, 2011
Chemist focuses on education for real-world sustainability challenges
Introductory college science classes need to improve their coverage of issues related to sustainability, a noted chemistry educator told the American Association for the Advancement of Science today. "Across the nation, we have a problem," says Catherine Middlecamp, a distinguished faculty associate in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "We are using a 20th-century curriculum, and this is the 21st century."

FEBRUARY 14, 2011
Faculty Spotlight: Galen McKinley
Combine a bachelor's degree in civil and environmental engineering with a Ph.D. in climate physics and chemistry. Add expertise in using computer models to understand natural systems and a precise knowledge of the carbon cycle. Top it off with an enthusiastic, empathetic approach to instruction and you have Galen McKinley, an award-winning researcher and teacher with the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research.

FEBRUARY 14, 2011
World phosphorous use crosses critical threshold
Recalculating the global use of phosphorous, a fertilizer linchpin of modern agriculture, a team of researchers warns that the world's stocks may soon be in short supply and that overuse in the industrialized world has become a leading cause of the pollution of lakes, rivers and streams.

FEBRUARY 7, 2011
Silent for 17 years, Planetwalker John Francis lends his voice as visiting professor
John Francis returns to the Nelson Institute this fall, sharing the lessons of his journey across the country and the world as a silent advocate for environmental stewardship.

FEBRUARY 7, 2011
Report assesses climate change impacts, adaptation strategies
A statewide collaborative of scientists and diverse stakeholders is proposing a multitude of measures to help protect and enhance Wisconsin's natural resources, economic vitality, and public well-being as the state's climate becomes warmer and wetter.

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