JANUARY 18, 2012
Win a copy of 'The Ragged Edge of Silence' by visiting professor John Francis
The Nelson Institute is giving away two signed copies of Nelson Institute visiting associate professor John Francis's second book, The Ragged Edge of Silence: Finding Peace in a Noisy World.

DECEMBER 27, 2011
Deep freeze has yet to hit Madison lakes
Wide swaths of lawn aren't the only odd sight on campus this late in December. There is still all kinds of open water on either side of Madison's isthmus, as ice has yet to take hold on lakes Mendota or Monona.

DECEMBER 22, 2011
Practicing what we teach: Faculty and students share their commitment to environmental living
Actions to reduce environmental impacts are common among the Nelson Institute's undaunted faculty, staff and students, many of whom are doing as much as their situations allow.

DECEMBER 22, 2011
John Francis: Silent no more
Visiting professor John Francis' journey to the front of the classroom has been filled with twists and turns. Spurred by a 1971 oil spill in California, he took a vow of silence for 17 years and eschewed motor vehicles for 22 years, walking across North and South America and spreading inspiration and environmental awareness.

DECEMBER 22, 2011
Students explore role of film and new media in environmental conservation
Fourteen undergraduate students in a UW-Madison class, New Media for Environmental Communication, have created a series of nine short films spotlighting stories of environmental conservation and sustainable living.

DECEMBER 13, 2011
Nelson Institute students reflect on summer jobs, internships and study abroad experiences
As the spring semester approaches, students are beginning to look for new opportunities to get real-world experience near and far, whether going abroad, getting an internship or securing a part-time or summer job.

DECEMBER 8, 2011
For Midwesterners, more boxcars mean cleaner air
Shifting a fraction of truck-borne freight onto trains would have an outsized impact on air quality in the Midwest, according to Nelson Institute researchers.

DECEMBER 6, 2011
Snow in the Rockies, dry summers in the Southwest?
New simulations of summer rains in the arid American Southwest show that they are influenced by the previous winter's snowpack in the Rocky Mountains. Summer rains, called "monsoons," are the predominant source of rain in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico, says Michael Notaro.

DECEMBER 1, 2011
Student research: Ryan Marsh helps conserve Madagascar's unique biodiversity
Ryan Marsh, a master's candidate in the Nelson Institute Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development program, has been studying conservation in Madagascar since 2008, when he first arrived there as a Peace Corp volunteer.

NOVEMBER 29, 2011
Langston awarded visiting professorship by King of Sweden
Nancy Langston, a professor in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology and the Nelson Institute, has been named the King Carl XVI Gustaf Professor of Environmental Sciences for the 2012-13 academic year in Sweden.

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