FEBRUARY 20, 2012
Proposed hunt poorly designed, says UW wolf expert
Legislation outlining a proposed state wolf hunt is likely to hurt wolf populations while failing to resolve existing conflicts with humans, says UW"Madison professor Adrian Treves.

FEBRUARY 20, 2012
Does history repeat? Using the past to improve ecological forecasting
To better predict the future, Jack Williams is looking to the past. "Environmental change is altering the composition and function of ecological communities," says Williams, the Bryson Professor of Climate, People, and the Environment in the UW"Madison geography department.

FEBRUARY 15, 2012
Student sustainability competition a springboard for local development, global solutions
A new way to produce energy from agricultural waste, a recycled device that can provide cheap and efficient electricity in developing countries, and a smart phone application that allows shoppers to check the carbon footprint of grocery items with the click of a button. These are just a few of the cutting edge sustainability solutions advanced by enterprising environmental innovators " all students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

FEBRUARY 14, 2012
UW"Madison names finalists for Nelson Institute director
UW-Madison has named three finalists for the director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

FEBRUARY 11, 2012
Treves testifies on proposed wolf hunting and trapping in Wisconsin
Adrian Treves, an associate professor in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and director of the Carnivore Coexistence Lab, recently provided testimony before the Wisconsin Assembly Natural Resources Committee on legislation to allow public hunting and trapping of gray wolves in Wisconsin. He also intends to testify before the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Environment.

FEBRUARY 10, 2012
EPA Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman Lecture
See video of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 Administrator Susan Hedman's Feb. 7 lecture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, titled "Your Money or Your Life? The False Dichotomy Posed by EPA's Critics."

FEBRUARY 8, 2012
Sturgeon "thunder" has roots in biological process
Wisconsin's 2012 lake sturgeon-spearing season begins on Saturday. Research into the mysterious sounds that lake sturgeon produce resumes in April, or whenever the water warms to a temperature conducive for fish spawning, which is the best time to experience sturgeon "thunder."

FEBRUARY 8, 2012
Hunting could hurt genetic diversity of sandhill cranes, UW research suggests
As Wisconsin lawmakers debate whether to establish a hunting season for sandhill cranes, they may want to consider more than just the sheer number of birds, suggests a University of Wisconsin-Madison specialist in avian genetics.

JANUARY 27, 2012
Video: John Francis, 'Ragged Edge of Silence'
See video of a Jan. 26 talk by John Francis, Nelson Institute visiting associate professor of environmental studies. Francis spoke about the connections between silence and listening, humanity and sustainability, and faith and justice.

JANUARY 26, 2012
UW-Madison engineer honored for contributions in South Korea
Jae "Jim" Park, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at UW-Madison, has received the Order of Service Merit (red stripes medal) from the president of South Korea for his contributions to the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project, a multi-billion-dollar river restoration project in that country.

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