FEBRUARY 3, 2014
Removing gray wolves from federal protection ignores evidence and history, researchers say
Researchers from five universities argue that the proposed removal of gray wolves from protection under the federal Endangered Species Act would be a mistake and potentially affect future decisions regarding threatened and endangered animals.

JANUARY 31, 2014
Atmospheric carbon hits historic levels, raising the stakes for adaptation
Global emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels rose to a record 40 billion tons in 2013, driving the atmospheric concentration of the greenhouse gas to a level not seen in human history.

JANUARY 30, 2014
Video: Liberia, Madison, and "A Film Never Made"
Emmanuel Urey, a child of Liberia's civil war, has journeyed from a rural upbringing in a small interior village in the West African Republic of Liberia, to higher education at the Nelson Institute at UW-Madison.

JANUARY 29, 2014
Lass in class: Inspiration for a semester abroad
As a 20-year-old student navigating the channels of life, nothing could possibly provide more comfort than the guidance of the UW-Madison faculty, the Nelson Institute, and the wonderful people in the English Department. It is difficult to leave a place you call home, no matter what age, and if I were to regard Madison as anything but my home I would be lying.

JANUARY 23, 2014
Craig Benson: Bridging sustainability science and solutions
Craig Benson has always been passionate about environmental issues and he’s built his career on taking action and making a difference. A faculty affiliate of the Nelson Institute and professor of geological engineering and civil and environmental engineering, Benson directs research and education for UW-Madison’s Office of Sustainability.

JANUARY 22, 2014
Graduate student named Madison Audubon Society conservation scholar
The Madison Audubon Society has recognized Nelson Institute graduate student Jackie Edmunds with a Conservation Scholars award, presenting the honor at a program on Jan. 21.

JANUARY 15, 2014
Fish forced into the ‘foraging arena’ when lakes lose their trees
A new study from University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers is speaking for the trees — specifically, the dead ones that have toppled into a lake's near shore waters. For fish in northern Wisconsin lakes, at least, these trees can be the difference between pastures of plenty and the Hunger Games.

JANUARY 2, 2014
Climate research shows changes in Midwestern winters
A study predicting snowfall changes in the Midwest is helping to better illustrate what winters could look like later this century. Michael Notaro, associate director of the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research, is studying changes in overall snowfall and lake-effect snow throughout the upper Midwest.

JANUARY 2, 2014
Students help guide sustainable community food systems in South Madison
Farmer’s markets are widely praised as a way to bring fresh, locally grown food into urban communities. But what if you start one and nobody comes? That’s one of several food-related questions tackled by two Nelson Institute undergraduate capstone courses during the fall semester.

DECEMBER 12, 2013
Video: Environmental filmmaking class
Follow along in this video as fall 2013 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence Alex Rivera teaches "From Ecotopia to Ecopocalypse: Telling Digital Stories About the Environment" and Nelson Institute graduate student Ming Hua produces a short film, to be screened at the Tales From Planet Earth film festival.

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