JANUARY 2, 2014
Climate research shows changes in Midwestern winters
A study predicting snowfall changes in the Midwest is helping to better illustrate what winters could look like later this century. Michael Notaro, associate director of the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research, is studying changes in overall snowfall and lake-effect snow throughout the upper Midwest.

JANUARY 2, 2014
Students help guide sustainable community food systems in South Madison
Farmer’s markets are widely praised as a way to bring fresh, locally grown food into urban communities. But what if you start one and nobody comes? That’s one of several food-related questions tackled by two Nelson Institute undergraduate capstone courses during the fall semester.

DECEMBER 12, 2013
Video: Environmental filmmaking class
Follow along in this video as fall 2013 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence Alex Rivera teaches "From Ecotopia to Ecopocalypse: Telling Digital Stories About the Environment" and Nelson Institute graduate student Ming Hua produces a short film, to be screened at the Tales From Planet Earth film festival.

DECEMBER 10, 2013
Intense human settlement and forest disruption linked to virus outbreak
A new study in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene shows that the deadly Nipah virus in Bangladesh is infecting people only in areas with significant deforestation and high population density. Although the virus is spread by a common fruit bat, villages with fairly intact forest did not get Nipah virus infections.

NOVEMBER 26, 2013
Perennial energy crops could provide environmental benefits
Rows of corn and soybeans cover rolling hills, stitched together by creeks and woodlands that compose southwest Wisconsin's agricultural patchwork. These complex landscapes provide clean water, wildlife habitat and climate benefits, yet, historically their value has been measured in just one way: bushels per acre.

NOVEMBER 20, 2013
Environmental studies student named conservation scholar
Olivia Sanderfoot, a junior majoring in biology, environmental studies and Spanish, has received the Conservation Scholars award from the Madison Audubon Society. Sanderfoot was presented with the award Nov. 19.

NOVEMBER 12, 2013
A summer research adventure tracking whales… and their scat
To most people, collecting whale poop might not seem all that appealing. One Nelson Institute student, however, had the experience of a lifetime doing just that.

NOVEMBER 12, 2013
African academies tap Patz to chair 20-nation joint meeting on climate change
Living on a continent already vulnerable to drought, flooding and heat, scientists from 20 African Academies of Science gather Nov. 13 and 14 to discuss climate change and build interdisciplinary bridges to address it. Jonathan Patz chairs the meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

NOVEMBER 12, 2013
Lead exposure dooms some Wisconsin kids to struggle in school
Two studies funded by the Wisconsin Partnership Program paint a grim reality for Wisconsin children exposed to lead before age 3.

NOVEMBER 7, 2013
Study: Focus on place motivates conservation behavior in faith-based communities
A new study published in the Journal for Religion, Nature and Culture explores how religion can play a positive role in encouraging conservation behavior.

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