JULY 12, 2017
Strengthening conservation's new generation
With pressure on the natural world mounting, the Luc Hoffmann Institute in partnership with the Nelson Institute Environmental Conservation Master’s Program are finding new ways of ensuring that conservation is relevant to society and has an impact.

JUNE 30, 2017
New study shows predictive accuracy of risk map for wolf threats to livestock
A new study published Friday (June 30, 2017) in the journal PLOS One shows that a risk map for wolf predation on livestock remained predictive for five years or more after its construction, with predictive accuracy exceeding 91 percent.

JUNE 19, 2017
New program makes vegetables, produce available for free on campus
The UW Campus Food Shed, a unique project started by environmental studies senior Hannah DePorter, will give students and faculty access to free vegetables and produce, stocked by UW agriculture researchers and local farms with excess crops.

JUNE 2, 2017
Harvesting data to grow farmers markets
A pair of UW-Madison researchers have created tools to help market managers around the country collect, interpret and utilize metrics to bolster their business model.

MAY 25, 2017
Climate change offers a comprehensive lens for public health
A new article in the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, co-authored by Jason Vargo, suggests that addressing climate change offers the best means to ensure long-term public health.

MAY 25, 2017
Government transparency limited when it comes to America’s conserved private lands
American taxpayers spend millions of dollars each year to conserve privately owned lands. These lands provide public benefits like timber, water quality protection and food. Yet, information about conserved private lands — including where they are and what protections are in place — can be hard to find, impeding the effectiveness of conservation efforts and taxpayer investments.

MAY 19, 2017
30-year collaboration earns UW climatologist China’s top science honor
University of Wisconsin–Madison climatologist John Kutzbach has been awarded China’s highest scientific honor for foreigners in recognition of 30 years of collaboration that has advanced both American and Chinese climate science.

MAY 9, 2017
UniverCity Year celebrates yearlong partnership with Monona
It’s called the UniverCity Year program, but it’s really an extension of the Wisconsin Idea. On May 3, students, faculty and community members gathered at the Lake Mendota Room inside Dejope Hall to celebrate the yearlong partnership between the city of Monona and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

MAY 3, 2017
Study measures air pollution increase attributable to air conditioning
When summer temperatures rise and people turn to their air conditioners to stay cool, something else also increases: air pollution.

MAY 2, 2017
Photos: Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference, ‘Hope and Renewal’
Nearly 1,000 guests from across Wisconsin and the upper Midwest gathered on April 18 for the 11th Annual Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference, Hope and Renewal in the Age of Apocalypse

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