AUGUST 26, 2020
Nelson Institute alumna working with Google, LinkedIn and Project Drawdown to create powerful climate change solutions
Nelson Institute alumna, Elizabeth Bagley, is at the forefront of developing sustainability and climate change solutions by connecting the public to the world of complex ecosystems. Earning her bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bagley first became interested in pursuing a career in environmentalism after taking a series of classes her sophomore year including African 210: African Storyteller, a biocore class examining the Eagle Heights prairie, and Professor Cal Dewitt’s course focusing on the metabolism of the city.

AUGUST 20, 2020
Envisioning a future for grasslands in the United States
Grasslands are among the most endangered ecosystems in the world, but there is widespread hope for their conservation according to a recent report by University of Wisconsin-Madison Nelson Institute assistant scientist, Tyler Lark. Published in Land Use Policy, the paper, "Protecting our prairies: Research and policy actions for conserving America’s grasslands" outlines immediate opportunities to reduce the loss of native grasslands and improve agricultural sustainability across the United States.

AUGUST 14, 2020
2020 Nelson Institute Alumni Award Winners
Whether it is advancing environmental education in underserved areas, championing conservation, advocating for Tribal communities, or advancing scientific discoveries, Nelson Institute alumni are at the forefront of important efforts around the world. Such impactful work is deserving of recognition, which is why the Nelson Institute is proud to honor outstanding alumni through the annual Rising Star and Distinguished Alumni Awards.

AUGUST 14, 2020
Nelson Issue Brief addresses extreme precipitation events
The Nelson Institute is excited to release the second volume of the Nelson Issue Brief, a newsletter that summarizes and conveys up-to-date scholarship from across the UW-Madison campus on key issues of environmental concern.

AUGUST 7, 2020
Nelson Institute alumnus connecting environment and community with Iowa DNR
For Nelson Institute alumnus Steve Hopkins, pursuing a career in environmentalism was an easy choice. Hopkins grew up learning about animals, gardening, and the outdoors from his grandparents who had a cattle farm in Missouri.