MARCH 13, 2020
2020 Earth Day Conference shifts to alternate program
2020 Earth Day Conference will be offered online.

MARCH 11, 2020
COVID19: Campus update
COVID-19 continues to spread and affect many parts of the U.S. and the rest of the world.

MARCH 6, 2020
Visualizing the environment
As a Geospatial Software Engineer with the Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory, Nelson Institute graduate Stuart Illson turns data into models and tools that help scientists to better understand forest fires, smoke, air quality , and so much more. While creating these models has become a dream job for Illson, he says he didn’t have a vision for how his career would unfold until a few years ago when he joined the Nelson Institute Environmental Observation and Informatics (EOI) program.

MARCH 3, 2020
The business of environmental advocacy
Joe Foye, an undergraduate student majoring in environmental studies at the Nelson Institute and marketing at the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB), found his passion for environmental advocacy while working to raise money for trips with his Boy Scout troop. During his childhood, Foye participated in several fundraising initiatives which allowed him to draw a connection between business and the environment, later inspiring him to pursue his current majors. Now, a junior at UW–Madison, Foye works to educate and inspire diversity in the community while exploring the outdoors.

MARCH 2, 2020
An environmental education
As a first-grade teacher and the Green Team leader at Purdy Elementary School in Fort Atkinson, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies alumna Kristin Halverson is working to increase her students’ connection with nature through environmental projects. A National Geographic certified educator, Halverson and her students have been involved in a number of environmental projects and programs including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Green and Healthy Schools program through which her students recently won the DNR Excellence in Recycling – Overall Program award for 2019. While Halverson’s interest in conservation education began when she was young, she attributes much of her continued interest in the area to her student experience at the Nelson Institute.

MARCH 2, 2020
Nelson Institute professor Elizabeth Hennessy featured in the Washington Post
An article written by Elizabeth Hennessy, assistant professor of history and environmental studies at UW-Madison and author of "On the Backs of Tortoises: Darwin, the Galápagos, and the Fate of an Evolutionary Eden,” was published in the Washington Post this past January. In her article, "We’re trying to keep the Galapagos pristine. That might destroy them,” Hennessy challenges the traditional ideas of conservation that have historically guided efforts to protect the Galapagos islands.

FEBRUARY 12, 2020
After "Youth Unstoppable" screening, local youth climate activists discussed the need for urgent climate action
Students, faculty, and community members of all ages showed up for the screening of Youth Unstoppable, a film depicting how youth climate activists around the world are fighting for their futures. After the film, local Youth Climate Action Team leaders Stephanie Salgado, Anne Sophie Brilla, and Max Prestigiacomo participated in a panel discussion where they depicted the desperate need for climate action and radical, institutional change.

FEBRUARY 7, 2020
Governor issues proclamation in honor of the Nelson Institute’s 50th anniversary
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Nelson Institute, Governor Tony Evers has issued a proclamation recognizing February 6, 2020 as the birthday, and official 50th anniversary of the Nelson Institute. To commemorate this occasion, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes and the Wisconsin Department of Resources Secretary Preston Cole visited the Nelson Institute to present the proclamation and participate in a question and answer session with Nelson Institute students.

FEBRUARY 3, 2020
Nelson Institute grad student receives campus-wide TA award
Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and Department of Geography graduate student, Jules Reynolds has been named a Campus-Wide TA Award winner, receiving an Early Excellence in Teaching Award.

JANUARY 21, 2020
Nelson Institute professor and PhD candidate named Honored Instructors
University of Wisconsin - Madison University Housing recently announced those nominated as fall 2019 Honored Instructors. Among the recipients is Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies faculty member, founder of the Carnivore Coexistence Lab, and faculty co-chair of the UW-Madison Teaching Academy, Adrian Treves and Karann Putrevu, Environment and Resources PhD candidate.

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