APRIL 11, 2019
New graduate certificate and PhD minor in Community-Engaged Scholarship for fall 2019
New graduate certificate and PhD minor in Community-Engaged Scholarship

APRIL 11, 2019
Nelson Institute to offer Indigenous Peoples and the Environment course in summer 2019
Faculty Associate for Native Nations Partnerships, Jessie Conaway will be teaching the online course, Indigenous Peoples and the Environment, from May 28 to June 23, 2019. The course will focus on Native American perspectives, conservation practices, and policy environments through consideration of U.S. and international case studies. The course will discuss diverse outlooks on identities, worldviews, and environmental governance as well as the complex meanings of indigeneity in the US. Read more.

APRIL 9, 2019
Paul Robbins promoted to dean of Nelson Institute
The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies is proud to announce that Paul Robbins has received the title of Dean. Formerly, the Director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, this title change showcases the important role the Institute plays as a division of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Chancellor Rebecca Blank and Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf also stated that this title change is a reflection of Robbin’s "outstanding leadership and strategic vision.” Read More.

APRIL 1, 2019
Nelson Institute students among the recipients of the Arboretum Research Fellowship
Two Nelson Institute graduate students are among the recipients of the Arboretum Research Fellowship. Liz Anna Kozik, a PhD student at the Nelson Institute, has been awarded a fellowship in Science Communication with one year of support for her work studying the role of visual communication in engaging the public on conservation and restoration. Additionally, Theresa Vander Woude, a Master’s candidate with Nelson Institute, who also has a joint thesis with the Department of Life Sciences Communication, has been awarded a research fellowship with one year of support for her research into community engagement in watershed management. Read more.

MARCH 21, 2019
Nelson Institute researchers publish study that shows saving energy could save lives
A recent study from the Nelson Institute, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment suggests that saving energy could save lives. Published in Environmental Science & Technology and titled, Air Quality-Related Health Benefits of Energy Efficiency in the United States, the article outlines the improved health outcomes that can result from reduced energy consumption. Led by Nelson Institute postdoctoral researcher, David Abel and Gaylord Nelson Distinguished Professor, Tracey Holloway the study shows that even a 12 percent increase in summertime energy efficiency would reduce exposure to air pollution, potentially saving 475 human lives each year in the United States. Read more.

FEBRUARY 27, 2019
Nelson Institute ranks among top programs for study abroad participants
That’s why the Nelson Institute is proud to share that the most recent data from the International Academic Programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison indicates that nearly half of all Environmental Studies majors participate in a study abroad program.

FEBRUARY 22, 2019
Nelson alumni launch food waste policy and practice event
Travis Blomberg, B.S. (2012)- Environmental Studies / Political Science / Integrated Liberal Studies, M.S. (2015) - Environment & Resources / Business, Environment & Social Responsibility George Reistad, B.S. (2011)- Economics and Environmental Studies

FEBRUARY 21, 2019
Nelson Institute teaching assistant to receive a 2018 Campus-Wide Teaching Assistant Award
Nelson Institute teaching assistant Alexandra Lakind is one of fifteen students set to receive a 2018 University of Wisconsin–Madison Campus-Wide Teaching Assistant Award. Honored for her contributions to the classroom, LaKind will receive the Early Excellence in Teaching Award during a reception on Thursday, March 7 from 3-4 pm in 911 Van Vleck Hall.

FEBRUARY 20, 2019
Conservation Coach
During her 15-year career in communications and media production, Nelson Institute alumna Marika Suval developed an acute awareness of the planet’s growing environmental problems. Whether reporting for public radio on environmental policies or highlighting the challenges faced by conservationists around the world, Suval took an active interest in the issue. Just a few years ago, Suval decided to apply to the Nelson Institute Environmental Conservation Professional Master’s program, a step toward her goal of putting her media career in service of pressing environmental issues.

FEBRUARY 18, 2019
Growing the Community
When UW-Madison alumna Elisse Pavletich began college, she knew she wanted a career that would make a positive impact on the world, but she didn’t have any definitive plans. That all changed when she met Nelson Institute advisor Becky Ryan who helped Pavletich to discover the Nelson Institute curriculum and the world of environmental studies. With Ryan’s support, Pavletich began to explore environmental education, community outreach, and the various career opportunities associated with this field of study. Through exploration and Nelson Institute’s individualized curriculum, Pavletich discovered her passion for environmental sociology and a career path that has brought her a lot of joy. Photos courtesy of Elisse Pavletich

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