JUNE 30, 2016
Alum’s love for waterfowl and conservation takes flight in Flyways Waterfowl Museum
Upon retiring, people often spend their time playing golf, reading books or traveling the world. Not so for Nichol and Craig Swenson. They opened a museum dedicated to North American ducks, geese and swans and habitat conservation.

JUNE 16, 2016
Peritoneal mesothelioma: No end in sight
Marty Kanarek has spent the last 40 years as an environmental epidemiologist trying to make the world a safer place to live.

Asbestos — and its sordid history — has made that task considerably harder.

JUNE 9, 2016
A post-study abroad perspective on global sustainability
Four months ago, I wasn’t imagining what it would be like to come home. The only thing on my mind was this little country called Denmark – the first place outside of the United States that I had ever had the opportunity to venture to. Four months ago I had no idea that I would see the Eiffel Tower at night, that I would ski in the Alps, that I would climb to the top of a wind turbine, or that the people I would meet would become some of my best friends.

JUNE 8, 2016
Video challenges Wisconsin boaters to help halt spiny water flea invasion
As Wisconsin’s boating season shifts into full gear, a team of University of Wisconsin and UW-Extension experts has released a video urging boaters to take precautions to help stop the spread of a tiny, troublesome crustacean known as the spiny water flea among the state’s inland lakes.