MAY 25, 2016
Spring comes sooner to urban heat islands, with potential consequences for wildlife
With spring now fully sprung, a new study by University of Wisconsin–Madison researchers shows that buds burst earlier in dense urban areas than in their suburban and rural surroundings. This may be music to urban gardeners’ ears, but that tune could be alarming to some native and migratory birds and bugs.

MAY 23, 2016
Nelson Institute faculty among Vilas professors and investigators honored
Extraordinary members of the University of Wisconsin–Madison faculty — including several faculty and affiliates of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, listed below — were honored May 11 with awards supported by the estate of professor, Senator and Regent William F. Vilas (1840-1908).

MAY 12, 2016
Study: Legal wolf culling increases intolerance and illegal killing
Allowing the culling or hunting of wolves is substantially more likely to increase poaching, or illegal killing, than to reduce it, suggests new research by UW-Madison Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Adrian Treves and Guillaume Chapron of the Grimsö Wildlife Research Station at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

MAY 9, 2016
Blown away by Samsø, a Danish island powered by wind
After living in Denmark for three months, there are a few things that I’ve come to view as uniquely Danish. Open-faced sandwiches, better known as smorrebrød; hot dog carts (or pølsevogn); and a constant flow of bikes down every major street. However, there’s one characteristic of Denmark that isn’t quite as pleasant – the wind.