JUNE 13, 2013
Award celebrates partnership with International Crane Foundation
A conservation collaboration between the International Crane Foundation and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies was recognized June 12 at the UW-Madison Community-University Partnership Awards.

JUNE 11, 2013
Professional degree a new tool for conservation leaders
In the face of unprecedented environmental challenges that demand novel solutions, UW-Madison is now accepting applications for a model graduate degree program to train tomorrow's conservation leaders.

JUNE 10, 2013
Jack Williams helps solve mystery of last mammoths' disappearance
Jack Williams, director of the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research, is part of a team of researchers studying the survival and ultimate demise of wooly mammoths on St. Paul Island, Alaska.

JUNE 6, 2013
Video: Investigating the ecology of a deadly virus
Micah Hahn, a graduate of the Nelson Institute Environment and Resources program (Ph.D. '13), discusses her research on the ecological factors impacting Nipah virus transmission in Bangladesh.

JUNE 4, 2013
Summer gas prices: UW experts weigh in
$3.93 per gallon. 16-gallon tank. $62.88 to fill up. This is all-too-familiar math for drivers who are grudgingly footing their gas bills. Many will direct their frustration at station owners, oil companies or the government. But what factors cause these summer price spikes?