FEBRUARY 27, 2013
Jane Goodall to keynote Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference in April
World-renowned primatologist and conservationist Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, will be the keynote speaker at the seventh annual Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference on Monday, April 15, in Madison.

FEBRUARY 26, 2013
Publication tells how climate change data affect natural resource decisions
A wide array of natural and human systems are feeling the effects of Wisconsin's changing climate. But the state is adapting in a variety of ways to a warmer, wetter climate that is projected to see more frequent droughts, heat waves and heavy rainfalls by mid-century.

FEBRUARY 15, 2013
UW-Madison among "Sustainable 16" in Environmental March Madness tournament
The University of Wisconsin-Madison is among 16 colleges and universities recognized for excellence in environmental academics and sustainability practices as part of the Second Annual Environmental March Madness tournament.

FEBRUARY 13, 2013
UW's veterinary medical school adopts wildlife health project
Outbreaks of disease in wildlife may seem remote and, for most humans, inconsequential. But disease events that arise in wild animal populations can be far-reaching and can even pose a threat to humans and domestic animals far removed from the source of animal affliction.

FEBRUARY 6, 2013
In the spotlight: Rob Beattie helps students reach their full potential
Rob Beattie, associate director of the Nelson Institute's Certificate on Humans and the Global Environment (CHANGE) and academic coordinator and instructor for the Community Environmental Scholars Program (CESP), helps students become interdisciplinary experts.

FEBRUARY 6, 2013
Warming 'seesaw' turns extra sunlight into global greenhouse
Earth's most recent shift to a warm climate began with intense summer sun in the Northern Hemisphere, the first pressure on a seesaw that tossed powerful forces between the planet's poles until greenhouse gases accelerated temperature change on a global scale.