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JANUARY 18, 2017
Aldo Leopold’s Legacy program aims to connect community with nature
The Badger Herald

JANUARY 8, 2017
Wisconsin's climate may need to adapt to Donald Trump
Wisconsin State Journal

JANUARY 6, 2017
Collapse of Atlantic Ocean Current Could Trigger Icy Apocalypse, Researchers Warn
The Huffington Post

JANUARY 6, 2017
Climate Change Could Trigger Collapse of Major Ocean Current
Live Science

JANUARY 6, 2017
Wisconsin can't ignore climate change
Coulee News

JANUARY 5, 2017
Potential instability in Atlantic Ocean water circulation system

JANUARY 5, 2017
Deep Atlantic current in peril from global warming
Darien News

JANUARY 5, 2017
Scientists say the global ocean circulation may be more vulnerable to shutdown than we thought
The Washington Post

JANUARY 5, 2017
Atlantic current that keeps Europe warm at risk of collapse
International Business Times

JANUARY 4, 2017
Bright Ideas 2017: Publicize and fund climate research
The Capital Times

JANUARY 3, 2017
Six Weather Predictions for 2017

JANUARY 3, 2017
Aldo Leopold series to involve community discussions
Wisconsin State Farmer

JANUARY 3, 2017
Wis. agency scrubs webpage to remove climate change
USA Today

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