Spring 2013 Speaker Series

Unless otherwise indicated, all talks are scheduled to take place on Thursdays at 4:00 pm in room 140 Science Hall. See schedule below for details. Contact Ian Baird with questions.


February 7
Po-Yi Hung (Geography, UW-Madison)
"Property in Ambiguity: Tea Production and the Changing Ownership of Ancient Tea Forests on China's Southwest Frontier"

February 28
Deborah Brautigam (International Development Program, John Hopkins University)
"China, Africa, and Land: What's Really Going On?"

March 1 (Friday!)
Tania Murray Li (Anthropology, University of Toronto)
"What is Land? Making-up a Resource"
(This talk is being organized in conjunction with the Geography Department's Yi-Fu Tuan Lecture Series, and will be held on Friday at 3:30 pm, room 180 Science Hall.)

March 7
Harvey Jacobs (Urban and Regional Planning and Nelson Institute, UW-Madison)
"Private Property Rights as Human Rights?"

Cyrus Hester (Environmental Specialist for the Bad River Natural Resource Department)
"Mining in Wisconsin - Incentives, Risk, and Authority of the Commons"

April 11
Tatiana Alfonso-Sierra (Sociology, UW-Madison)
"Collective Land Tenure and Rural Identities"
(This talk will take place in the Hartshorne Room, which is at the back of the Geography Library, 2nd floor of Science Hall.)

April 18
Mike Dwyer (Geography, Bern University)
"The Formalization Fix? Land Grabbing, Land Titling and the Politics of Geographical Transparency: The Case of Cambodia"

April 25
Wendy Wolford (Sociology, Cornell University)
"Rediscovering Africa: The Role of Brazilian Experts and Expertise in the Race for Mozambique's Land"

May 2
James Krueger (Nelson Institute, UW-Madison)
"How to reduce complexity in natural resource governance? The local responsibility model."

May 9
Jon Unruh (Geography, McGill University)
"The struggle over acquisition of land rights in Darfur: constituencies, narratives, and collective action"