LTC Collection

The Land Tenure Center Collection includes approximately 250 cubic feet of documents on land tenure, agrarian reform and agrarian structure in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Former Soviet Republics, North and Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Oceania. In addition, the collection includes LTC working papers, issue briefs and extensive information on the subjects of agricultural economics and rural development for these regions. The LTC wishes to make this collection available for research and provide outreach to the scholarly and land community, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), foundations and units of government.

LTC is further interested in acquiring materials appropriate for inclusion in the collection. If you are considering donating your material to LTC Collection, please contact us at to discuss the material and procedures.

From 1962 to 1996, the Land Tenure Center Library was an autonomous entity. In 1996, responsibility for management of the collection was assumed by Steenbock Library, the campus agriculture library, and physical integration of the collection was completed in the fall of 1997. In addition to the extensive document holdings, an LTC digital collection is housed within in UW's Library System's institutional repository, MINDS@UW.

For more information on the LTC collection, please contact