Trinidad and Tobago Study Tour

Term: August 2009

Funding: Government of Trinidad and Tobago

Amount: $50,000, initial investment

Project contacts: PI: Steve Ventura, Communications director: Kurt Brown

Participating institutions: LTC (lead), and Terra Institute.

Summary: Experts from Trinidad and Tobago?s Estate Management Division of the Estate Management and Business Development Company (EMBDC) visited UW in August 2009 to receive training from LTC Affiliates. The objective was to share lessons on various aspects of modern land management, with stress on what the EMBDC group could learn from experiences in Wisconsin. The study tour was organized around sessions of discussions with LTC Affiliates and field visits for showing how land is managed in various contexts, with periods of analysis regarding what the group saw and heard in the field sessions.

Project summary

Background document: state land management

In December 2009, the government of Trinidad and Tobago expanded the EMBDC's mandate and asked that the EMBDC again work with LTC to establish a consultancy to assist in the preparation of a land management policy document. We are in the planning stage now for this phase of the work. Results will be posted here.