Translinks: Linking natural resources, economic growth and good governance

Term: October 2006-September 2011

Funding: US Agency for International Development (USAID) cooperative agreement to increase social, economic and environmental benefits through sustainable natural resource management.

Amount: $5 million

Project contacts: LTC Director: Lisa Naughton, Communications director: Kurt Brown

Project website

Participating institutions: Wildlife Conservation Society, Earth Institute, Enterprise Works, Forest Trends.

Summary: Understanding the complex relationships among Nature (air, land, water, species, communities), Wealth (natural assets for poverty reduction), and Power (environmental governance) is fundamental if development efforts aimed at alleviating poverty and managing natural resources sustainably are to prove successful.

Many of the world's poor are isolated from the benefits of economic growth but live in areas of global importance to biodiversity. As pressure to exploit natural resources in these areas increases, so too will adverse social and environmental consequences. Poverty and income inequities diminish investments in economic growth and result in severe declines in environmental health.

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