Designing Pro-Poor Rewards for Ecosystem Services

Land Tenure Center Spring Forum 7-8 April 2008



Opening remarks, Dr. Lisa Naughton (LTC Director, UW-Madison)

Incentive-Compatible Institutional Design: Who's in Charge Here?, Dr. Daniel Bromley (Anderson-Bascom Professor of Applied Economics, UW-Madison)

Monitoring and Modeling Ecosystem Services on Regional and Global Scales, Dr. Jonathan Foley (Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, UW-Madison)

The State of Markets for Ecosystem Payments, Michael Jenkins (Forest Trends)

Targeting the Poorest Communities for Hydrological PES in Mexico, Dr. Carlos Munoz (Instituto Nacional de Ecologia, Mexico)

(Roy F. Weston Distinguished Global Sustainability Lecture Series) From Timber to Palm Oil: Effects of Bornean Land Use Change on Carbon Emissions, Rural Livelihoods and Biodiversity, Dr. Lisa Curran (Yale University)


Conservation International's RES Work, and Examples of Efforts to Visualize Ecosystem Services, Dr. Keith Alger (Center for Applied Biodiversity Science)

PANEL DISCUSSION: PRIORITIES FOR FUTURE RESEARCH AND ACTION, Dr. Malcolm Childress (World Bank), Dr. Oliver Coomes (McGill University), Dr. Lisa Curran (Yale University), Dr. Matthew Turner (Geography, UW-Madison)