New Chairperson for the Ph.D. in Development Studies Program

Madison, WI, July 12, 2001 -- The highly successful Ph.D. in Development Studies Program, administered by the Land Tenure Center, has a new chairperson. Professor Marion Brown (Life Sciences Communication) became Chair on 1 July.

Dr. Brown was one of the founders of the Development Studies Program, which began in 1970. A former Director of the Land Tenure Center, Dr. Brown is a longtime scholar of development studies and an experienced faculty member of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His expertise is in persuasive communication, science writing, technology transfer, media relations, and communication in economic and cultural change in developing countries. In the past, he also served as Chair of the Department of Life Sciences Communication.

The Ph.D. in Development Studies Program trains social and technical scientists for careers in developing countries, in bilateral or multilateral development assistance agencies, and in foundations and voluntary organizations working internationally. Students from over 35 countries have enrolled since 1970; 100 have received the Ph.D. Professor J. Lin Compton (Forest Ecology and Management), who chaired the program since 1997, stepped down in order to devote full attention to his work on upland ecosystems in Yunnan, China and neighboring Southeast Asian countries of Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand.