South African Law Professor Visits Center to Discuss Communal Property Law

Madison, WI, June 28, 2001-- South African professor Gerrit Pienaar is visiting the Center from Potchefstroom University, South Africa to discuss communal property law. Pienaar has been a professor at the University for 22 years, and has seen South African land reform and redistribution through the lens of his academic and private practice careers.

South African land reform has centered on the issue that after apartheid, 87 percent of the land was owned by either the state or the minority white population. Through the reform process, individual land registration has reached a high level of accuracy. However, communal property, the majority of which consists of tribal land, does not have sufficient tenure security. Pienaar hopes to devise an alternative registration procedure for South Africa's communal land, and will meet with Center director Harvey Jacobs and researcher Mike Roth to discuss this issue.

In the past Pienaar focused on property transactions, sectional titles, registration of immovable property, and conducted a workshop on "The development of property law in South Africa? He can be reached at the Center through 6 July 2001 at