Albanian Visitors to Learn from Wisconsin

Madison, WI, April 10, 2001 -- An Albanian delegation of land market specialists will visit the Center 15-22 April in order to learn about Wisconsin's practices in property registration, real estate, and development.

The visitors work on the Land Tenure Center's project in Albania, which is helping the Albanian Government establish a property registration system in all 36 districts of the country. The project also assists in developing policies and legislation that will facilitate the development of a land market. Ultimately, the work should strengthen democracy in Albania and contribute to broadly-based and environmentally-sound growth in the new market economy.

In addition to meetings at the Center, the delegation will visit the Wisconsin Department of Administration, the Dane County Register of Deeds, Dane County Surveyor's Office, and the University of Wisconsin's Land Information and Computer Graphics Facility. During the trip, the visitors will learn about the history and achievements of the Wisconsin Land Information Program, how Wisconsin records rights to real estate, and current land development issues in and around Madison.

This major project in Albania has been ongoing since 1994 and receives financial and technical support from the University of Wisconsin–Madison as well as from the United States Agency for International Development, European Union, and Government of Albania.