Egyptian Scholar Visits Land Tenure Center

Madison, WI, 20 September 2000 -- Egyptian researcher Ashraf Ahmed Hussein is visiting the Land Tenure Center to work on his Ph.D. dissertation, which studies the impact of Egypt's agriculture policy on rural people. Mr. Hussein hopes to refine his research methods by working closely with LTC specialists Dr. Michael Roth and Dr. Malcolm Childress. He also plans to use the extensive publications housed at the Center that focus on similar country-specific land tenure issues.

The Center in turn will enrich its knowledge of the Egyptian land situation through discussions and seminars with Mr. Hussein. Hosting researchers is one way the Center maintains a diverse network of collaborative scientists worldwide.

At the end of his stay at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mr. Hussein will deliver a seminar co-hosted by the Land Tenure Center and the African Studies Department, titled The Egyptian Village Under a New Land Tenure Policy on Wednesday, October 4th at 12:00 noon. He will inform the campus community about the present Egyptian land rights situation while gaining feedback from participants about the structure and goals of his current research.

For the past five years, Mr. Hussein has been studying women and children's issues as well as well as the outcomes of structural adjustment in Egypt. Through his work with groups such as the Land Center for Human Rights, the Arab Research Center and various other non-governmental organizations, he has increased communication of these timely issues within his own country and abroad.

Presently he studies at the University of Aarhus in Denmark with a focus in ethnography and social anthropology. He received his masters degree in development studies from Leeds University.