New Papers on Landmark Assessment

Project Overview and Contact Information

Project Title: Assessment of USAID's Investments in Land Markets and Property Rights

Term: October 2001-December 2004

Funding: USAID via a subcontract with Development Alternatives, Inc.

Amount: estimated $450,000

LTC Personnel: Peter Bloch, principal investigator, primary contact (, Susana Lastarria-Cornhiel
J. David Stanfield (

UW Faculty/Staff Involved: Brenda Haskins, LTC
Richard Nelson, Development Studies
Yazon Gnoumou, Land Resources
Alberto Vargas, State of Wisconsin

Countries Involved (links to each country "brief"):


El Salvador






St. Lucia


Background on Rationale for Program/Project
USAID has invested many millions of dollars in land titling and registration programs over the past twenty years, in an effort to strengthen property rights and encourage land markets. This study is an effort to assess the effectiveness of those efforts in order to make any necessary adjustments in the type and delivery of such programs.

Stated Objectives, Goals and Missions of the Program
To assist USAID in rethinking its strategy for assistance in the general area of land tenure.

Summary of Project Activities
Research, both bibliographic and in-country, using USAID documents, published and unpublished library and internet information, and fieldwork using key informant and structured questionnaires. Thus far fieldwork has been carried out in Saint Lucia and is planned in El Salvador.

Publications and Other Output