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April 2-3 and 15: "Integrating geospatial and field-based science to assess biodiversity conservation: A special forum of women research leaders."

Featuring Ruth DeFries (Columbia University),
Maggie Holland (University of Wisconsin),
Karen Kainer (University of Florida),
Krithi Karanth (Columbia University),
Erika Marin-Spiotta (University of Wisconsin)

Future impacts of climate change. Global warming may result in entirely new climates in 40-80 years. An innovative collaboration predicts how the distribution of plants and animals across the planet may be impacted.

Environment, malaria, and climate change. Climate change will have many effects beyond weather. In North America, incidents of malaria may spread as far as Canada. Researchers find a strong correlation between deforestation and the biting habits of malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

March 13: "Constructing Contradictions? The European Environmental Dream and Polish Organic Farming," Kathryn De Master, Nelson Institute and LTC Honorary Fellow

February 25: "Women, Peacemaking and Power in Africa," LTC Affiliate, Aili Tripp, UW


Managing wolves. LTC affiliate featured in story on Wisconsin's wolf policy.

Making hard science visual. Researcher Mark Harrower and his lab are producing films showing the importance of ecosystem services to human livelihoods and welfare. The films will be featured at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona.

Women and governance. In Gran Chaco, Bolivia, LTC affiliate Susana Lastarria is analyzing women's management and governance of natural resources in an indigenous community's protected territory.

New honorary fellows named. Dr. Bilal Butt and Ms. Kathryn DeMaster have been named LTC Honorary Fellows for 2008-09.

Land Tenure Spring Forum: Designing Pro-poor Rewards for Ecosystem Services (4/08)

"Community Management of Rangelands in Afghanistan," presented by David Stanfield (4/08)

"Tenure and Transition: Pastoral Land Management in Kyrgyzstan and the Soviet Legacy," presented by Jake Fleming (4/08)

LTC brief 8. Designing Pro-poor Rewards for Ecosystem Serices: Lessons from the United States? by Harvey M. Jacobs (Urban and Regional Planning)

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LTC Brief 7. Balancing the Needs of People and Wildlife by Adrian Treves (Nelson Institute)(8/07)

LTC Brief 6. Gender and Shifting Water Governance by Leila Harris (Geography) and Whitney Gantt (8/07)

LTC Brief 5. Ecological Complexity and the Management of Common Property Resources by Matthew Turner (Geography)(8/07)

LTC Brief 4. Zoning for Conservation and Development in Protected Areas by Lisa Naughton (LTC Director; Geography)(8/07)

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Land Tenure Center Seminar, Handspun Yarn from Kazakhstan: Improving Livelihoods of Pastoral Women, presented by Liba Brent, LTC Researcher, Global Livestock CRSP (4/06)

Land Tenure Center Seminar, Tribalism v. Individualism, Territory v. Property: Sovereignty in the Balance, presented by Richard Monette, UW Law School (3/06)

Yi-Fu Tuan Lecture, Department of Geography. Boundaries Among Kin: Kluane and White River First Nations and the Problem of "Overlap" in Yukon First Nation Final Agreements, by Paul Nadasdy (2/06)

Moving the Heart: Participatory Explorations for Sustainable Development with Farm Community Associations in Ecuador, by Tim Moermond (2/06)

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Amazon Wastelands: An Environmentalist's perspective on Land and Human Rights (11/05)

Where There's a Will, There's a Way (10/05)

Remembering Bill Thiesenhusen, 1936-2005 (9/05)

Symposium on Innovative Technologies for Land Administration (6/05)

Continuing Legal Education Seminar: American Indian Probate Reform Act of 2004 (agenda // presenters) (5/05)

"A Plot of One's Own: Gender, Age and the Problem of Soil Fertility in Africa," by Joshua Ramisch, LTC visiting scholar. (3/1/05 brownbag)

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Prestigious Fellowships Awarded to Externs (12/04)

Out of Africa: Scholar visits LTC to study natural resource management decision-making (12/04)

Alive and Well: A New Home for the Land Tenure Center (7/04)

Who Owns America? IV (3/04)

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New Agrarian Contracts in Zimbabwe: Innovations in Production and Leisure (8/03)

Best Institutional Arrangements for Farmworker Equity-Share Schemes in South Africa (5/03)

Delivering Land and Securing Rural livelihoods: Post-Independence Land Reform and Resettlement in Zimbabwe (5/03)

Miscellaneous Informal Documents(5/03)

Gender Equity and Joint Titling in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Indonesia (3/03)

Land and livelihood (3/03)

Food First Organizes Largest Ever Fact-finding Delegation Destined for Cuba (3/03)

Titulación mancomunada en Nicaragua, Indonesia y Honduras: síntesis de diagnósticos rápidos (2/03)

Joint Titling in Nicaragua, Indonesia, and Honduras: Rapid Appraisal Synthesis (2/03)

Who Owns the Land? Agricultural Land Ownership by Race/Ethnicity (2/03)

Étude: Sur la problématique foncière dans les périmètres irrigués au Mali (1/03)

Prestigious Fellowships Awarded to UW Students for their Work in Public Interest Law (1/03)

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Looking for Food: The Difficult Journey of the Hmong in Vietnam (11/18/02)

St. Lucia Country Brief (10/14/02)

Owning the Future: Land Policies in Low-Income Communities (8/19/02)

Speech on Wisconsin Treaties, Ho-Chunk Land Losses Exclusive to Monroe County, Wisconsin (7/8/02)

Law Students Helping Prevent Land Loss (7/1/02)

Land Tenure Issues in the Next Decade: Reflections from Honduras, Albania, and Cambodia (5/20/02)

Difficulties and Tensions in Institutionalizing Peasant-Based and Other Civil Society Organizations during the Transformation/ Post Reform (5/20/02)

Information as a Way to Reduce Conflicts over Reseources (4/29/02)

Endowment Established in Memory of a Family Dedicated to World Peace (1/7/02)

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"For Sale!" Helping Create Real Estate Markets in Russia (10/30/01)

Understanding Land Markets in the Greater Horn of Africa (7/24/01)

New Chairperson for the Ph.D. in Development Studies Program (7/12/01)

Cadastre Reform in Trinidad and Tobago (6/28/01)

Prominent Land Reform and Resettlement Researcher Focuses on Zimbabwe in Collaboration with the Land Tenure Center (6/28/01)

South African Law Professor Visits Center to Discuss Communal Property Law (6/28/01)

Leveling Playing Field on Land Ownership (6/13/01)

Who Owns America? - III Conference Held (6/12/01)

South Africa's Director General of Land Affairs Hopes to Benefit from UW's Experience with Land Reform (6/1/01)

Albanian Visitors to Learn from Wisconsin (4/10/01)

LTC Assisting in Natural Resource Management in West Africa (3/30/01)

Article Quotes LTC Director Harvey M. Jacobs (2/20/01)

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UW-Madison's Land Tenure Center Works for Land Reform in Zimbabwe (10/16/00)

Egyptian Scholar Visits Land Tenure Center (9/20/00)

Guatemalan Officials Visit LTC for Training (8/14/00)

Rural Property and Economy in Post-Communist Albania (4/3/00)

Land Tenure Center 'Externships' Provide Real-World Exposure (3/1/00)

Professor Warns Against Anti-Environmentalists (2/7/00)

UW, Tuskegee Get $3.5M to Aid Minority Landowners (1/24/00)

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