LTE – Urban Forestry Council Liaison and Outreach Specialist

Wisconsin DNR

  • LTE/Temporary
  • Madison, WI
  • Application deadline: 2022-04-27

The Wisconsin DNR is hiring an LTE – Urban Forestry Council Liaison and Outreach Specialist located at our central office in Madison, Wisconsin.

This dual LTE appointment is comprised of two 20-hour positions for an expected work schedule of 40 hours per week. The intention is to hire one candidate on both positions. See below for more information on the positions.

Position 1, Urban Forestry Liaison

The Urban Forestry Council Liaison provides a vital link between the WI Urban Forestry Council, the statewide urban forestry community (business, municipalities, and special interests) and the Secretary and Chief State Forester to develop strategies to preserve, protect, expand and improve Wisconsin’s urban and community forest resources through coordinating and facilitating the activities of the WI Urban Forestry Council. Some travel may be required. The selected candidate must be able to drive a state vehicle. Candidates with three (3) or more moving violations and/or at-fault accidents in the past two (2) years, or who have an OWI/DUI violation within the past year are barred from driving state vehicles.

35% – Facilitate the development and implementation of the Council strategic plan. Research, monitor and disseminate relevant data and information on issues of interest to the UF Council and the Division of Forestry including local, state, and federal legislation. Develop tools and methods to improve the Council’s assessment of and advocacy for urban forestry. Serve as an integral part of the DNR’s Bureau of Applied Forestry.

20% – Collaborate and coordinate the Council’s quarterly, executive and committee meetings including agenda development, arranging guest speakers, scheduling tours, securing meeting venues and audio-visual requirements, and compiling official documents with Council leadership. Working with Council committees and representative organizations, develop and coordinate membership including recruitment, appointment, orientation/onboarding, training, and support. Research, develop, and implement processes for budget development and monitoring and manage Council finances.

20% – Support and coordinate Council committees, including the Awards Committee, Nominations and Orientation Committee, and Issue Groups, through administrative tasks (i.e., scheduling meetings, disseminating, and compiling documents, tracking action items, writing, and editing reports and press releases, and related duties).

15% – Develop, coordinate, and distribute complex communication and information sharing and input among diverse partners including Council members, representative organizations, the Chief State Forester and Division of Forestry. Guide the drafting and distribution of UF Council reports/findings/policy recommendations including production of a biennial report to the Secretary and quarterly reports for external partners.

10% – Other duties as assigned to support DNR Urban Forestry Team and Bureau of Applied Forestry.

Position 2, Urban Forestry Outreach Specialist

The Urban Forestry Outreach Specialist is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring statewide and regional outreach efforts with internal staff and external partners. This position is responsible for creating, curating and administering strategic outreach/communication efforts that enhance the message of the Urban Forestry Team. Some travel may be required. The selected candidate must be able to drive a state vehicle. Candidates with three (3) or more moving violations and/or at-fault accidents in the past two (2) years, or who have an OWI/DUI violation within the past year are barred from driving state vehicles.

50% – Develop, coordinate and implement a complete outreach and education plan for the urban forestry program. Foster partnerships within the Department, with other state and federal agencies, and with external stakeholders to create consistent messaging across the state. Collaborate with internal and external partners to increase effectiveness, efficiency and the use of outreach and education as a tool for managing urban forestry issues and opportunities. Consult on urban forestry education and training for local government, business representatives, internal staff and elected officials.

30% – Administer and implement core urban forestry programs, foster consultant relations, maintain technology and information transfer, and participate in cooperative research and demonstration projects. Lead strategic planning, work planning, budgeting and performance evaluation of core programs and integrate them into the overall urban forestry efforts to accomplish strategic outcomes.

20% – Plan and produce urban forestry outreach materials, including newsletters, e-bulletins and reports. Develop and produce technical training materials, exhibits, programs, and other outreach materials. Manage, create and refine web-based technical, networking and awareness information.

Salary Information

Between $21.00 – $23.00 per hour depending on experience and training.

Job Details

This is a Limited Term Employment (LTE) position. LTE positions do not automatically lead to permanent state employment or enjoy the same benefits as permanent employees; however, these positions do offer valuable work experience and an opportunity to learn more about career opportunities with the Department of Natural Resources and the State of Wisconsin.

LTE employees are limited to working 1039 hours per position within a twelve-month period.

In order to be considered for this position, you must be a resident of the State of Wisconsin.

Qualifications Required

  • Experience in directing and managing professional/nonprofit organizations, program management and/or event coordination, and strategic planning.
  • Education and/or experience in urban forestry or related field
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Experience working on a team.
  • Knowledge of customer service concepts
  • Good organizational skills and ability to work independently while exercising sound judgment.
  • Occasional travel within Wisconsin is required.


  • Previous executive-level staff support experience
  • Previous experience with print, web publishing, webinar, social media and other media
  • Previous experience in project management, public information, adult education, public relations and/or marketing

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