Wastewater Engineers (2)

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

  • Full-Time
  • Madison, WI
  • Application deadline: 2022-05-03

This recruitment is for (1) a municipal wastewater engineer, and (2) an industrial wastewater engineer. The municipal wastewater engineer is responsible for reviewing engineering plans of wastewater treatment plant construction projects to ensure compliance with wastewater treatment plant, storage, and collection system design standards found in Chapter NR 110 of Wis. Adm. Code and other requirements of the Clean Water Act. This will include preparing necessary environmental assessments and environmental impact statement materials as they relate to the wastewater aspects of proposed municipal wastewater projects and determining the adequacy of facilities plans and plans & specifications and identifying areas of engineering deficiency.

The industrial wastewater engineer is responsible for drafting WPDES permits that regulate the discharge of pollutants from large industrial entities such as power plants, pulp/paper mills, cheesemakers, food processors, etc. This position will also complete plan review on industrial wastewater treatment and storage systems to ensure that they meet accepted engineering practice and design standards found in chs. NR 213 and 214, Wis. Adm. Code.

Both positions will have opportunities to engage in policymaking as needs arise, and both may represent the Department at public informational meetings or permit public hearings, and as necessary, in enforcement proceedings and judicial litigation of permit terms and conditions.

To apply for this job please visit wj.wi.gov.