Tax Law Compliance Specialist

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The Tax Law Compliance Specialist is responsible for developing, maintaining, monitoring, and enforcing policies and standard operating procedures to ensure compliance with statutes, administrative codes and handbook requirements affecting the implementation and administration of
Wisconsin’s Forest Tax Laws. This position provides critical support and consultation to tax law section staff, partners, landowners, and certified group members to collaboratively resolve tax law compliance and forest certification conformance issues in a timely and effective manner. As an expert in forest tax laws and forest certification requirements, this position maintains and advises a diverse professional network of internal and external leadership, department staff and inter-divisional teams.


The preferred location is in Madison (GEF2) or Rhinelander Forestry Headquarters however, all DNR facilities within the state will be considered. The position will have statewide jurisdiction and authority. Periodic travel is required throughout the state.

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