State Natural Areas Crew (Conservation Biologist/Wildlife Technician)


3 total positions available for Conservation Biologists on State Natural Areas crews out of Fitchburg, WI and Eagle, WI.
See WI DNR website for full descriptions and details. Positions are year round with potential for extension.
This position will be under the direction of the Field Ecologist and State Natural Area (SNA) Crew Lead. Job duties include helping to plan, schedule, and conduct work (independently or with a crew) on all aspects of on-going field projects related to property management and the stewardship of state lands. These projects include, but are not limited to, vegetation surveys, natural community restoration, habitat assessments and inventories for rare and listed flora and fauna.
Conduct habitat management and invasive species control activities on state-managed lands, including but not limited to the use of herbicides and various pieces of equipment (e.g., chainsaws, brush cutters, farm tractors, and other heavy equipment)
Inventory and restore natural communities on State Natural Areas
Maintain field equipment, complete property management reports and GIS maps, and enter accomplishments into department land management systems
Conduct various non-game wildlife surveys within working area
Lead volunteers and interns in habitat improvement and invasive species control projects

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