Research Assistant (Graduate Student)

  • Graduate Student Funding (RA, PA, TA, fellow, etc.)
  • Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin Madison

The UW-Madison Specialty Crop Innovations Group is currently looking for an M.S. degree student that’s interested in fruit and vegetable production research. More specifically, the student will work on practical and sustainable ways that we can optimize vegetable production while reducing crop inputs (fertilizer, pesticides, labor, water, etc.). The student will also have a chance to learn about specialty fruit and vegetable production at the full range of scales, from small, diversified farms to large scale processing vegetables and potatoes.


The lab of Jed Colquhoun, Professor and Extension Specialist in the
Department of Horticulture at UW-Madison.


The Research Assistantship includes a stipend, full tuition and health
insurance coverage. The successful candidate will have an
undergraduate degree in agricultural or other plant-oriented majors
and a strong interest in applied field research.


The Assistantship is available from Fall 2021 through June 2024, with
flexibility on the start and end date depending on the successful
candidate’s timeframe.

Interested in learning more?

Dr. Jed Colquhoun

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