Agriculture Research Internship

KidlinksWorld, Inc

  • Internship
  • Virtual
  • Application deadline: 2022-05-01

The Kidlinks Small Farm Incubator (KSFI) was founded in early 2020 out of the need to address issues of unemployment, food insecurity and limited onsite educational training in agriculture in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Kidlinks trains aspiring farmers how to make a living on small plots as market gardeners while producing high-quality food for the local community. KSFI demonstrates that small-scale farming can be profitable, can build local economies, and is good for the environment. The organization believes healthy food is a basic human right and that by demonstrating how to produce food, Kidlinks can help create abundance and food security for rural families.

KSFI is also part of the LAND Project, housed in the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology on campus.

The organization seeks a hard-working, independent, organized, and knowledgeable virtual intern to support its growing research agenda.

As part of a collaborative research team, the Virtual Agriculture Research Intern will share ideas and provide input on some aspects of the selected study, such as the study’s setup, documentation, report writing and tracking of data. Additionally, the Virtual Agriculture Research Intern will assist with the following tasks:

  • Designing, implementing, and evaluating field trials as Kidlinks establishes best practices within its coastal region
  • Applying research design, monitoring outcomes, and assessing results based on farm operations
  • Producing a summary of commonalities to help Kidlinks incorporate tried and true techniques into its program for low-cost production
  • Compiling reports in collaboration with local interns working on the farm
  • Helping prepare and present a report sharing the research team’s finding to staff on the ground in South Africa by the final week of the internship

Example projects include:

  • Field trials of insect and disease control using organic methods for both crops and livestock.The virtual intern will help define the problems and analyze results of different interventions
  • Studies investigating the impact of soil amendments including Bokashi, Compost, Teas, Vermicompost, Biofertilizers, etc. on soil health and seedling growth. The intern may track and monitor soil tilth, texture, moisture retention, microbiota, and nutrients

Research and document the following:

  • Benefits of intercropping to deter pests, improve soil fertility, and boost carbon sequestration
  • Traditional crop and livestock farming methods that have been passed down through generations of farmers in southern Africa


  • The intern will work asynchronously except for a weekly meeting with the supervisor/team and will use Zoom, Whatsapp, and email for communication. Additionally, the intern will use Google Docs and Asana to track data and work projects.



  • Continuing UW-Madison student, sophomore status or higher
  • Self-starter able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Interest in organic agriculture and knowledge of basic farming or gardening techniques
  • Interest in finding climate change solutions through agriculture


  • Organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills
  • Research and basic statistical analysis experience
  • Good interpersonal skills to work well with others in different cultures and languages
  • Report writing experience
  • Relevant coursework or academic training

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