Research Scholars (3) in integrated assessment modeling

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

The Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE) Program at IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) is recruiting multiple research scholars in Integrated Assessment Modeling.

The ECE Program hosts one of the world’s leading Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) teams focusing on systems transformations toward environmental, social, and economic sustainability. The Program employs a diverse set of cutting-edge systems engineering, macroecomic and agent-based tools. The research focuses on trade-offs and synergies between multiple policy priorities and objectives, typically across multiple sectors and scales (global, regional, national, and subnational). The work informs international and national policy efforts related to climate change (e.g., the assessment reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC) as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The successful candidates will join an interdisciplinary and international team of scientists to further develop the MESSAGEix framework and in particular the open-source MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM model.

Focal Areas

Ongoing research in the ECE Program span a range of areas. In particular, candidates will be considered who can strongly contribute to one or more of:

  1. Investigating the role and trade-offs of implementing Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies with an emphasis on negative emission technologies (NETs) at global, regional, and local scales.
  2. Integrating climate change impacts into the IAM framework to allow studying mitigation, residual climate impacts and adaptation options jointly.
  3. Increasing spatial and temporal resolution of the IAM framework to better capture challenges and associated solutions at the national and subnational scales.
  4. Improving the representation of various energy supply technologies in MESSAGEix-GLOBIOM model dependent on their characteristics (“granular” vs. “lumpy” investment) system integration to better understand learning, spill-over and diffusion processes in decarbonization pathways.
  5. Developing, processing, and publication of scenarios related to the financial sector, such as the Network for Greening the Financial System, the UNEP-Finance Initiative and improving the representation of financial risk assessment in the IAM framework.

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