Executive Director

Groundswell Conservancy

The Executive Director will lead the team and engage with our Board to inspire and build partnerships to expand
Groundswell Conservancy’s land conservation programs and make our work useful and relevant to diverse communities.
The Executive Director will be a steward of the mission and build on 38 years of success protecting great places. The
Executive Director will continue and expand our core mission to permanently protect cherished lands and lead
Groundswell to meet emerging challenges in our rapidly growing community. Current challenges are:

  • Overcoming barriers faced by black, indigenous, people of color, and New American farmers to land access
    and tenure
  • Responding to people’s changing needs and desires about how to enjoy and use conservation lands, such as
    through the creation of “all access” trails at our preserves
  • Helping communities respond to the climate crisis, for example, by protecting and managing wetlands in their
  • Protecting more recreational land to meet the demands of our growing population

This position is based in Madison, Wisconsin and responsible for fostering an organization focused on creating
lasting benefits for how people and land come together. The Executive Director is a dynamic, thoughtful, and
strategic leader. In addition to driving execution of the mission and the strategic plan, the Executive Director
represents the organization in the greater Madison community and the larger conservation community. The
Executive Director ensures the continued evolution of the organization, its partnerships, and understands what it
means, and what it takes to create permanent benefits to the community.

To apply for this job please visit groundswellconservancy.org.