Teaching Assistant Land Arch 363

  • Graduate Student Funding (RA, PA, TA, fellow, etc.)
  • Anywhere
  • Application deadline: 2021-08-13

Earth Partnership, Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture

This position will be a 33.4% Teaching Assistant and will include a stipend and tuition remission for the fall semester only.

Course Description

Ecological restoration education utilizes the power of place to work towards social justice and sustainability. Students work with Native Nations and community partners to apply Earth Partnership’s 10 Step process. This process includes historical, cultural, ecological, and social justice components. Learn about assets-based, culturally relevant approaches to working with community partners. Interact with guest speakers and partners to experience firsthand different perspectives on environment, cultural priorities, protocols for interaction, and opportunities for relationship building. As students work on community-based stewardship projects, they will be asked to reflect upon their own epistemological relationship to land and people as global citizens. This course is a Community-based Learning Course.


  • Familiarity with the ecological restoration process with an emphasis on social, historical and ecological investigations.
  • Interest in education, social justice, and Native American perspectives. Understanding of community engagement – working in and responding to community’s needs and interests.

To apply for this job please visit wisc.edu.