Environmental Health Communications and Outreach Specialist

Dept. of Health Services/UW-Madison

This position is located in the Department of Health Services’ Bureau of Environmental and Occupational Health through an ongoing partnership with the UW School of Medicine and Public Health. The health communications and outreach specialist position covers two state programs: the Wisconsin Climate and Health Program and the Wisconsin Sportfish Consumption Program.

The Wisconsin Climate and Health Program develops innovative adaptation strategies to reduce health impacts from extreme heat, flooding, and air quality, and enhances local climate change resilience across the state. The communications and outreach specialist will create and update content for a variety of audiences and communications channels focusing on climate change impacts to public health and health mitigation and adaptation solutions using the lens of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. The Wisconsin Sportfish Consumption Program works to increase knowledge on the risks and benefits of fish consumption, and evaluates the effectiveness of outreach and educational efforts on fish consumption advisory awareness.

Specific activities across both programs include

  • Design, develop and disseminate communication and health education products, including DHS website content, printed and digital materials, and peer-reviewed publications;
  • Implement social media, social marketing and data visualization best practices to create and disseminate program-specific behavioral communication products and messaging for outreach materials;
  • Develop and implement strategies to effectively educate diverse audiences on program activities; and
  • Maintain and monitor websites; track usage of posted materials through Google analytics; and evaluate performance to improve outreach efforts.

To apply for this job please visit jobs.hr.wisc.edu.