Emergency Govt Spec- Hazard Mitigation Project position

Department of Military Affairs, Wisconsin Emergency Management

  • Full-Time
  • Madison, WI
  • Application deadline: 2022-05-16

Under the general direction of the Hazard Mitigation Supervisor, assist in the management of planning grants and initiatives in the Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs. Hazard Mitigation Plans serve as a means to understand risk to natural hazards that Wisconsin communities experience, understand how those risks change over time, outline the ways to reduce risk, and prioritize projects and initiatives to make Wisconsin communities more resilient to natural hazards like flooding, tornadoes, and wildfires. This position will review draft hazard mitigation plans and help communities come into compliance with FEMA requirements for plans and work closely with county, tribal and local emergency manager and planning/zoning staff to implement planning processes. This position also helps identify data on various hazards, including climate change and equity-related metrics, and share resources out to county, tribal and local units of government. The position also helps to implement our State Planning process and comprehensive mitigation program through coordination and outreach with state and federal partner agencies.

To apply for this job please visit wj.wi.gov.