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All students in Water Resources Management must complete a 4-credit interdisciplinary Water Resources Management Summer Workshop. The workshop is a culminating experience near the end of a student's program where a student-faculty team work on a project focused on a contemporary problem in water resources. The workshop brings together students with diverse backgrounds and areas of specialization to work together as an interdisciplinary team which functions as an unbiased, diverse, and well-trained group of professionals that can make a contribution to water resources policy. The workshop provides an opportunity for students to work outside of the textbook environment and tackle a "real-world" problem.

Workshop participants should be prepared to devote most of their time to the full, eight week summer session. In addition, students must participate in the 2-credit planning seminar in the preceding spring semester (or an accepted substitute) and be enrolled the following fall semester. Some workshops involve projects in and around Madison; others entail extensive field work elsewhere in and around Wisconsin. The WRM program assists students with travel, food, and lodging arrangements when workshops focus on projects outside the Madison area. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop or have an idea for a workshop, please contact the program's faculty chair.

WRM workshops have been conducted, first as seminars and later as workshops, since the mid-1960s. Their titles and accompanying descriptions demonstrate the wide variety of workshop topics and locales since 1970. Some WRM workshops also have their own websites and are linked in the PDF below. Copies of workshop reports are available in the Nelson Institute Student Commons in 15 Science Hall.

Summer Workshop Reports

PDF Lists of WRM Workshops