Instructional Positions

In addition to graduate assistantships which typically remit all of the recipient’s tuition, there is a subset of UW-Madison academic staff positions that can potentially remit the out-of-state portion of a graduate student’s tuition. Although the benefit does not cover remission of all of the tuition, this type of position can be just as useful as an assistantship because the salary of an academic staff position is often greater than the stipend of a graduate assistantship.

Not all academic staff positions on the UW-Madison campus are eligible for this tuition benefit. The eligible job titles include the instructional academic staff positions. If an academic staff position (also referred to as an “unclassified” position) is considered to be instructional in nature and if its appointment is one-third time or greater over the course of a full semester, the employee is eligible for a partial tuition-remission benefit. This benefit provides remission of the out-of-state portion of an enrolled graduate student’s tuition. In-state tuition and fees are not covered and must be paid by the student. For additional details on this type of tuition-remission benefit and for a full list of the eligible instructional academic staff titles, see Section #5 of the Bursar’s Tuition Remission Policy, under the Eligible Instructional Academic Staff Titles.

Some examples: of eligible titles include the following:

  • Faculty Assistant
  • Faculty Associate
  • Instructional Program Manager
  • Instructional Specialist
  • Lecturer
  • Outreach Program Manager
  • Outreach Specialist

Current academic staff vacancies are posted online on the UW-Madison web page of Position Vacancy Listings. To find all of the eligible titles, it is necessary to check both the “Instruction” and “Outreach” categories within the PVL listings.

A special note about application deadlines: Although some deadlines are absolute, others are not. For this reason a vacancy may be posted long after its deadline has passed. In short, if you are interested in a position that has a past-due deadline date, don’t give overlook it; call the contact person to ask if they are still accepting applications.