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Fellowships, Awards and Grants

There are many opportunities for both prospective and current graduate students to compete for funding through fellowship and grant competitions. Some, particularly the recruiting fellowships, are internal to the university and the competitions proceed as nominating processes. Other fellowships are external competitions, open to all interested and qualified applicants.

Outside Sources of Fellowships and Grants

There are many external sources for funding support. The eligibility criteria and application processes tend to be as varied as the sources. This makes the search a bit tedious but to make this search a little easier, we have tried to put together a comprehensive list of those which offer opportunities to graduate students who are pursuing some aspect of environmental studies. These competitions are organized here by their approximate deadlines, so that you can plan your application strategy accordingly. Please keep in mind that the deadlines and web pages in this list may change more frequently than our ability to track them. Here is our full listing of Fellowship and Grant Deadlines.

Fellowships and Grants at UW-Madison

As part of its graduate admission process, the Nelson Institute nominates promising graduate student applicants for University Fellowships and for Diversity Enhancement Fellowships.

Although most of the University and Diversity Enhancement Fellowships are reserved for incoming students, there are several other university-funded fellowships that are open to continuing students. Marie Christine Kohler Fellowships provide housing at the Knapp House for students who are dissertators. Each graduate program or department determines its own application process, so check with your graduate program for their specific deadlines and fellowship instructions.

Vilas Travel Grant Fellowships are awarded to eligible UW-Madison dissertators and MFA candidates who will be traveling for research purposes or for a conference (particularly a conference presentation). This award competition is administered by the UW-Madison Graduate School.

For more information about these university-funded fellowships, see the Graduate School's Office of Fellowships Administration.

Nelson Institute Fellowships, Awards, and Grants

The Nelson Institute offers a number of fellowships, awards, and grants to its new and continuing students.

Foreign Language and Study Abroad Fellowships

The UW-Madison International Institute administers a number of fellowships and grants that are designed to support graduate students who wish to pursue foreign language or area studies as a part of their larger graduate program or research goals. These include the Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS), Fulbright grants, and Warwick Fellowships. In particular, don't miss the following:

Current Fellowship Opportunities and Announcements

Foreign Language and Area Study Fellowships

Fulbright IIE Student Program

Funding for International Students

Although it can be very difficult for international applicants to find funding support for study in the U.S., there are a number of fellowship and grant opportunities specifically for international students. Some of these include the following:

Fulbright Program for Non-U.S. Students

Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program

American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowships

World Wildlife Fund's Russell E. Train Fellowships: Education for Nature Program

Organization of American States (OAS) Academic Scholarships

The UW-Madison Office of International Student Services (ISS)