Weston Roundtable – Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal

Speaker: Robert Pollin, Distinguished University Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

In this lecture, Pollin will focus on advancing a global Green New Deal. This program begins with phasing out, on a global scale, the consumption of fossil fuels to produce energy. It correspondingly entails creating a new clean energy infrastructure in all regions of the globe. The clean energy investments will be a large-scale source of new job opportunities. The program must also include just transition measures for the workers and communities that currently depend on the fossil fuel industry.

The Weston Roundtable is made possible by a generous donation from Roy F. Weston, a highly accomplished UW-Madison alumnus. Designed to promote a robust understanding of sustainability science, engineering, and policy, these interactive lectures are co-sponsored by the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE), the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and the Office of Sustainability.


Mar 31 2022


4:15 pm - 5:15 pm


1153 Mechanical Engineering
1513 University Ave.