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January 29 – February 4

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Wednesday, January 29

A Career in Soil Science: Soil Pollution, Soil Chemistry, Trust and Opportunities To Do Good
3:30 PM
Room 357 Soils Bldg., 1525 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI

Thursday, January 30

Arboretum Winter Enrichment Lecture: The Tallgrass Prairie—A Conversation
9:00 AM
UW Arboretum Visitor Center, 1207 Seminole Highway, Madison, WI

Weston Roundtable Lecture - How to Solve Climate by 2030: We CAN Change the Future
4:15 PM
1153 Mechanical Engineering, 1513 University Ave., Madison, WI

Tuesday, February 4

Climate, People, and the Environment Program Seminar - Model-Data Fusion for Reducing Uncertainty in Global Carbon Cycle Predictions: How Far Have We Come and How Far Do We Have To Go?
11:00 AM
811 Atmospheric, Oceanic And Space Sciences Building, 1225 W. Dayton St., Madison, WI

Youth Unstoppable: The Rise of the Global Youth Climate Movement
7:00 PM
Marquee Theater Union South, 1308 W Dayton St, Madison, WI

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