Creating Sustainable Food Systems
Spring 2011

March 1 -- Addressing Food Sustainability in Communities

March 22 -- Moving Food from Farm to Cafeteria

April 12 -- Sustainability in Large-Scale Commercial Food Production

Participation of commercial-scale food producers is critical to the creation of sustainable food systems. This forum will feature two Wisconsin farmers; one produces grass-fed beef, the other, Healthy Grown Potatoes®. We'll also look at UW-Madison research and programs that aid sustainable food production.

April 26 -- Supplying Options for Food Consumers

What are the values and criteria that retailers use to determine what to offer their customers? Representatives from three different business models will talk about the decision-making process that determines what food products they stock in their stores.

Video shown by Amanda about the Global Animal Partnership 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating in Whole Foods stores across the United States.